Luxury of four seasons Hava a wonderful time at Michikusa

Relaxing atmosphere and authentic Japanese food

At Japanese restaurant Michikusa,
located on the west side of the Ota City Hall in Gunma prefecture,
you can enjoy authentic Japanese food and seasonal ingredients in a relaxing atmosphere.

On the first and second floor,
there are a number of private rooms where you can relax or entertain your important clients.
On the second floor,
we have a Japanese-style room that can accommodate up to 40 people.

Please use our place for dinner party, celebration, and memorial service.
We all look forward to your visit.

Cuisine of each season

Seasonal taste that changes with the flow of four seasons.

  • 料理写真


    Bamboo shoot
    and spring vegetables

  • 料理写真


    Sea eel and ayu(sweetfish)

  • 料理写真


    Matsutake mushroom
    and wild vegetables

  • 料理写真


    Fugu(blowfish), crab and
    Kaki nabe(oyster hot pot)

At Michikusa, you can have the most delicious food of each season.
Have a wonderful time with your family and friends at our place.

Banquets and à la carte

We serve a full course meal on your budget and request.
We have a room that can accommodate up to 40 people.
On the second floor, there are Japanese-style rooms and private rooms.

Aside from full course meal,
we are also pleased to provide à la carte and set menu along with Sake and shochu that goes well with our food.

Please have a relaxing time and enjoy the atmosphere where you can find many kinds of plants and nice decorations.